Project 4CHANGE was introduced at exhibition INSTRUTEC

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Estonian indusrial exhibition INSTRUTEC took place at Estonian Fair Centre on the 15-th to 17-th November 2017. During the exhibition there were several seminars, among them presentations about EU project which are useful for companies.

4CHANEGE is an international educational project started and led by LINPRA (Ambassador of engineering industry in Lithuania). There are 11 partners participating in the project from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany. Partners from Estonia are Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry and Lasnamäe School of Mechanics.

The overall goal of the project is to tackle skills gaps of metalworkers by addressing the following objectives: to design and deliver a new targeted VET program based on the current and future skills demand in the metalworking sector, and to develop a self-adaptive work-based learning system in combination with coaching. The project is concentrated on metalworkers operating on computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. Project objectives are analysis of occupational qualification systems and curriculum in Baltic countries, creating new training materials for students and teachers and developing an e-learning platform.

The project increases cooperation between vocational schools and companies, also opportunity to learn from the best practices of 4 countries. The project presentation was made by Enn Helemäe and Raul Kütt from Lasnamäe School of Mechanics and Triin Ploompuu and Kersti Vatter from Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry.

Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry comprises of 70 companies and organisations. Its’ main objectives are a) youth and work force; cooperation with public sector and lobby; c) business development.

4CHANGE project website: