Collaboration offer from Seniorship

A social initiative called Seniorship is offering an interesting collaboration option for engineering and technology companies. Seniorship mediates internship offers for people aged 50+.

The goal of Seniorship is to create more opportunities for people aged 50+ in obtaining a new profession through internships. Seniorship aims to increase diversity in Estonian companies and helps to relieve the increasing labor shortage. The initiative is a participant of the NULA societal initiatives incubator led by the Estonian Good Deed Foundation (Heateo Sihtasutus).

Seniorship is in the process of launching their pilot project and starting with the first senior internships. The initiative is looking for companies who would be interested in participating as internship providers and by that supporting a positive idea that would improve the Estonian labour market. If you are interested in offering an internship or have any extra questions, please contact the leader of the initiative Anna-Liisa Palatu ( no later than 4th of June.